When Shiners first began over a decade ago we specialised in Perth residential window cleaning. We have since expanded into the commercial side of window cleaning but rest assured that we can tackle just about any home in existence. We believe that if you are to offer a window cleaning service you have to accommodate the needs of the whole community. Moving out of a rental? Putting the house on the market? Or are you just sick and tired if dirty windows? No need to worry Shiners will get the job done. We do not limit ourselves to single storey homes. We do not shy away from ladder work and hard to access windows. We endeavour to scale every height, clean every window and most of all, make sure YOU, the customer is always satisfied.

Single Storey

Look no further than Shiners for Perth window cleaning. Residential housing is our specialty and single storey homes are a breeze. Colonial windows? Bore water stains? Pool fencing? Not to worry! Shiners will have your windows cleaned reliably, efficiently and most of all affordably.

Double Storey

Some Perth window cleaners shy away from double storey homes and with good reason. You need to first have all the right tools like ladders, poles and belt holders but perhaps the most important thing is confidence in your own ability. Climbing up and down ladders and walking on roofs can be a dangerous game and you can be sure that at Shiners have everything needed to get the job done on time – every time.

Interior and fencing/balustrades

Internal and external balustrading and pool fencing is something that can be over looked by Perth window cleaners. If it is glass it can be cleaned! Handprints all over the glass balustrading on your stairs? Mineral build up on your pool fence? We can detail all the glass in your home with ease and precision.

Why choose us

Our Experience

James has been in the industry for 10 years. He began working and learning with his father who had over 30 years experience cleaning windows for many commercial businesses throughout Perth. Specifically, James has extensive experience maintaining pristine windows for pubs, restaurants and retirement homes, as well as indoor partitioning for large office spaces, new and existing. Working in the industry from a young age has provided James with exceptional customer service skills and a strong reliability. These are attributes that James and his team value highly.

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Residential Services

Windows cleaned in and out

Frames cleaned

Tracks vacuumed

Cobwebs removed

Paint, render and bore water removed

Friendly Service100%
Punctuality 100%